Antminer S19j Pro 100TH/s


Bitmain Antminer S19j Pro Bitcoin miner that can produce at (100 Th) hash rate with about 3500 Watt power consumption

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Antminer S19j Pro (100Th) Online

Bitmain Antminer S19j Pro (100Th) Bitcoin miner specifications:


Bitmain Antminer S19j Pro (100 Th) is a miner set to be released in June 2021. The Bitmain manufacturer wants a powerful Bitcoin miner that stands out from the pack. And if the specs are right, the S19j Pro is one Bitcoin miner full of promise. Current market data shows that the miner would likely offer a $25 profit daily. The price is subject to change market conditions varying with every day. Read this full BITMAIN ANTMINER S19J PRO 100 TH Review for more.

All Features and Specs of Bitmain Antminer S19j Pro 100 TH

It uses the SHA-256 algorithm and has a maximum hash rate of 100 TH. The hash rate is huge enough almost to guarantee a huge profit margin. Bitmain Antminer s19j Pro 100 Th also comes at a high electricity cost. The miner comes with a maximum power consumption of 3050W.

With this much power, miners should expect to mine over 43 coins. Bitcoin is the most profitable coin, followed closely by Bitcoin Cash.

The miner is ASIC supported, which means you can monitor the progress of mining while away. Miners should also look out for Market Place and VIABTC coins under the SHA-256 algorithm. These two are most likely going to be the top coins to mine with the platform.

It weighs 13.2 Kgs and comes in a size of 195x290x370mm. The miner uses the Ethernet interface, and the setup is easy. You get a miner with a maximum voltage of 12V.

ANTMINER S19j PRO 100 Th/s Algorithm

The unit is a Bitcoin miner goes without saying that it’s using the SHA-256 algorithm. It’s one of the safest hashing algorithms that we have in the Crypto mining industry. The algorithm has no known vulnerabilities making it secure from the 51 percent attack.

These are the reasons why mining Bitcoin is safer than other coins. With a fast and secure hashing algorithm, you get to mint new Bitcoin faster.

Efficiency of the s19j Pro 100 TH/s

The miner comes with an efficiency of 0.031j/Gh, which is higher than most Bitcoin miners. It’s a result of having a miner with high power consumption. The miner packs a punch when it comes to Bitcoin mining power of 3050W.

It’s one of the few miners that have a power consumption of over 3000W. And this translates to high electricity costs of mining with the equipment. You have to know your electricity rates before committing to mine with this unit.

Bitmain Antminer S19j Pro 100 TH/s Hash Rate

100 TH/s is the hash rate that comes with this mining equipment. The hash rate is huge, and this means more consistency in producing Bitcoin. A high hash rate means that the algorithm is secure. Once you get a miner with a high hash rate, the chances of mining more coins increase.

That’s the reason why miners will go for this unit. With all things considered, the high hash rate will deliver newly minted Bitcoin faster.

Noise and sound capacity

75 decibels is the sound volume you get from this miner, which is impressive. With the high hash rate and power, one expects it to be loud. The manufacturer has developed environmentally friendly mining equipment.

With more and more people mining at home, this unit becomes a better option. You can easily use this miner in a large-scale office setting without worrying too much about noise complaints.

Bitmain Antminer s19j Pro Profitability

With the current market conditions showing a profit of $25 daily income, this is subject to change. Before the date of release, the profit value will most likely jump to over $100. Bitcoin is fast gaining recognition in markets all over the world. The value of Bitcoin is going up, and thus, this will become a highly profitable miner.

Antminer S19j Pro 100 Th/s Warranty

cryptomining devices  is offering a six-month warranty to the initial buyer of the unit

Antminer S19J Specifications

Product Glance Value
Model No.Crypto Algorithm
S19j Pro
Hashrate, TH/s 100 ±3%
Power on Wall@25℃, Watt  2950 ±5%
Power Efficiency on Wall@25℃, J/TH 29.5 ±5%
Detailed Characteristics Value
Power Supply
Power supply AC Input voltage, Volt (1-1) 200~240
Power supply AC Input  Frequency Range, Hz 47~63
Power supply AC Input current, Amp(1-2) 20(1-3)
Hardware Configuration
Networking connection mode RJ45 Ethernet 10/100M
Miner Size (Length*Width*Height, w/o  package), mm(2-1) 400*195.5*290
Miner Size (Length*Width*Height, with  package), mm 570*316*430
Net weight, kg(2-2) 14.6
Gross weight, kg 15.8
Environment Requirements
Operation temperature,°C 0~40
Storage temperature,°C -20~70
Operation humidity(non-condensing) , RH 10~90%
Operation altitude, m(3-1) ≤2000


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Bitmain is one of the designers of application-specific integrated circuit chips for bitcoin mining

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